Options for Helping Elderly Parents

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We all want to see our elderly parents happy, safe and well cared for and at the same time be respectful of their wishes and views.

Holidays and get togethers with elderly family members are often times when it becomes evident that there needs to be some family discussions about how to best support your elderly parents and ensure their health, wellbeing and safety is maintained.  Be careful about how you go about having these discussions.  Try and find the right time with appropriate words and if necessary, enlist the support of a health professional.

Sometimes providing information and “planting the seed” is enough to get the ball rolling.

It is better to try and have the discussions early rather than wait for a crisis to unfold.

More help and care may be needed and this can be provided in a variety of ways, including:

  • by family members;
  • by privately funded health care professionals;
  • by a Commonwealth Home Support Package;
  • by a Commonwealth Home Care Package; or
  • by entry into Aged Care.

As the longevity of seniors is increasing, the demand for home-based services is high.  Provided the appropriate criteria for eligibility can be met, it is recommended that you take the appropriate steps to put this home care in place as soon as it is needed and at least “get in the queue”.

It is also useful to ensure that your elderly parents have their estate planning documents in place and up-to-date and that includes:

Making a plan can be very helpful to avoid crisis management and ensure that your parents’ wellbeing is protected as far as possible.

If you need assistance with sourcing any of the services mentioned above,we can help point you in the right direction. Contact our team today.


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