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Making Your Will Has Become a Whole Lot Easier!

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Change has been one of the few pandemic benefits. Government imposed restrictions have brought a greater reliance on technology and with this a fresh view on how you can make your Will.

Your Will instructions can be given electronically and a draft sent to you for review at home.  No more taking time off work for inconvenient appointments at your Lawyer’s office.

The Courts have even introduced regulations to streamline the making of a valid Will when circumstances do not permit the Willmaker and the witnesses to all be present.

In short, it has become more convenient and less time consuming to create a Will with your Lawyer.

Certainly, you still need an experienced Estate Planning Lawyer to ensure that the requisite procedures and formalities are observed so that your Will is enforceable. At least one personal meeting is usually required but we can streamline for you processes that were previously cumbersome.

Add to that our experienced advice and you have an unsurpassed Estate Planning service!

Contact Malcom McColm at MMLaw to find out how these changes can benefit you.

Malcolm McColm


The information in this document represents general information and should not be relied on for your specific circumstances. If you require legal advice and assistance on the matters contained or associated in this document you should contact MMLaw. Please contact Malcolm McColm.

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