Identity Theft and Protecting your Credit History

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This week is National Identity Fraud Awareness Week. 

It is not uncommon to hear of cases of identity theft from friends, acquaintances and clients.  Essentially it means that somehow the thief has obtained details of some or all of your name, date of birth, address details, drivers licence number and other identifying characteristics and in some cases used that to create a bogus identity (in your name) which they then use to try and obtain credit.

One way of trying to protect yourself is to use the services of the credit reference agencies by firstly obtaining a credit report on yourself to see if all the details are in order and to see who has been checking your credit history and what applications for finance have been made in your name and then taking it a step further by paying a small fee to be alerted by email if someone is checking your credit history, i.e. maybe a provider to whom a bogus application has been made.

It is a small price to pay for a problem that could cause you untold time and effort not to mention angst to sort out.  Identity theft and bogus applications for credit may also adversely affect your true credit history.

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If you require assistance in relation to identity fraud, please contact Christine Matsinger at MMLaw.

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