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Enduring Power of Attorney

Our Sunshine Coast law firm prepare Enduring Powers Of Attorney for both business and personal reasons and tailor them to suit your needs. Our legal team are able to assess your needs to protect you against various circumstances that may render you unable to make decisions.  This is essential for all of us 18 and 80 year olds alike.


Powers of Attorney for financial matters allow you to appoint a trusted person to look after your financial affairs either on a temporary basis (overseas travel or other absences) or on a longer term basis should you lose capacity either through an accident or old age.

Financial Powers of Attorney can contain express conditions as to when and how the Attorney shall exercise their power in your interests.  They can also deal with control of other entities such as Companies, Trusts and Superannuation Funds.

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By using an Enduring Power of Attorney for health and personal matters you can appoint a trusted friend or relative to make decisions as to how you shall be treated medically and health wise if you have lost that capacity to do so yourself.  Having such documents in place can be a great reassurance to both yourself and your family.

Additionally, Retirement Villages and Aged Care Facilities are likely to require you to have such an Enduring Power of Attorney in place before you take up residence.

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Advance Health Directive

You may not want to leave difficult health decisions to anyone.  You can make these yourself in advance by execution of an Advance Health Directive.  We can provide experienced advice and guidance to you in making such decisions, and in preparation of an Advance Health Directive.

Your Advance Health Directive is a document that you must complete in consultation with your Medical Practitioner.  However, we shall prepare that document for you and also give you critical advice before you have the meeting with your GP.  After the visit to your GP we shall complete the other essential legal elements of that document with you.

At MMLaw, we will discuss with you your Financial Power of Attorney, as well as Family Arrangements, Health Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Directives to ensure that your family’s needs are effectively met.

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