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Advance Health Directive

MMLaw, Sunshine Coast specialise in advising on and preparing Advance Health Directives. An Advance Health Directive affords you the ability to make decisions now about how you will be treated medically in the future should you lose decision making capacity. An Advance Health Directive takes precedence over decisions by your health attorney.

Because of the far reaching consequences of the decisions you will make in completing your Advance Health Directive, it is a requirement that this document be completed by you in the presence of your medical practitioner who then certifies that this has occurred.

Your Advance Health Directive document needs to be prepared before your doctor’s appointment and it is essential that you receive and consider legal advice on the consequences of making this important document before you visit your medical practitioner.

We at MMLaw have many years of experience and are able to give you this important advice about the legal consequences of your decisions.

For assistance with this vital aspect of your Estate Planning, contact Malcolm McColm.

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