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Protect Your Interests With Experienced Conveyancers

Commercial Property Conveyancing

You want the support of a law firm that understands the timely nature of your business. Often you’ll look for lateral thinking to resolve issues that arise during commercial transactions.

Demand a law firm dedicated to ensuring your success.

Disputes often arise in commercial property law. Non-standard documents, sometimes years old impose obligations that often need to be resolved.

Here at MMLaw we deal with commercial property issues on a daily basis. If you have questions or need advice before signing a sale or lease document.

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Need commercial property advice from an experienced conveyancing team?

As the Buyer or Seller

You want prompt and efficient service to ensure the transition completes on time. Effective negotiation is the key.

Understanding the legal implications and addressing potential risk is important. Many issues including usage, entities, zoning, leases terms and safety must be resolved during a commercial transaction.

Having the experience and expertise to finalise the deal matters.

As a Landlord

The enforceability and correct drafting of your commercial lease is essential.

You will rely on this document to protect your business interests and future viability of your real estate purchase.

It’s important to note, that you must comply with all applicable legal requirements for the lease to be binding on the tenant.

As a Tenant

Entering a commercial lease may be the largest single variable to the long-term success of your business.

This is particularly the case in the competitive retail environment where every dollar impacts your bottom-line profits.

It’s also important in commercial leases for industrial usage. The key is to ensure that your lease is correctly drafted.