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Conveyancing & Property

You have decided to buy or sell your home. Perhaps you’re a first home buyer, an experienced investor or a family with changing lifestyles needing to up or downsize your home. Every residential or commercial property transaction in Queensland requires conveyancing. This process will ensure the transfer of legal title. You need an experienced conveyancer to ensure the transfer occurs promptly while protecting your interests.

If you are new to property transfers, or it’s been a while, you may have questions. That’s understandable, conveyancing, while it seems simple enough comes with its set of challenges.


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What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing Sunshine Coast is the process of transferring ownership (a legal title) of property from one person to another. While this is a process, there are many factors involved in the actual transfer:

There is a contract of sale to be prepared

Research on the property to be completed

Taxes and rates to be calculated

and the final settlement of the property.

Along the way, your conveyancer will work with the other side to ensure the process occurs on the agreed date of settlement.

You want someone with knowledge of the ins and outs of the legal system to help you navigate the legal landscape. It will ensure you can buy or sell, your home hassle free. You want sound advice from a trusted conveyancer. One who will stand up for your rights and ensure your purchase, or sale, proceeds without hiccups.

MMLaw has a team of Property Lawyers and Conveyancers. Each of whom has a combination of broad property experience together with a passion and understanding of the local Sunshine Coast real estate market.

Would you benefit from talking to our Conveyancing Team for 10 minutes to resolve your most immediate conveyancing questions? Our Conveyancing Team will review your situation and give you the practical advice you need right now. Particularly in the areas of Residential Property, Commercial Property, as a First Home Buyer or a Property Developer.

The answer will help determine the best course of action for you, your family and your future.

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