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It is essential for both Landlords and Tenants to ensure that their Commercial or Retail Lease documentation is accurate and correct.  Business premises represent a significant investment to Landlords and are a critical element of Tenant’s businesses.  When they are not accurate, out of date or undocumented, problems will arise.

Our Sunshine Coast law firm can provide the right leasing services and document your lease accurately to meet your needs.

Commercial Leases underpin the value of the Landlord’s real estate.  A Lease which is poorly written, inaccurate or out of date will adversely impact on the value of the property.  At times of refinance or sale this can mean a loss to the Landlord.

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We have been acting for Landlords and Tenants in Queensland for decades.  We have knowledge and experience of all issues relating to Retail and Commercial Leases.

Whilst the provisions of the Retail Shop Leases Act are primarily Tenant protective, those provisions can be utilised for the benefit of both Landlords and Tenants in a clever Lease. We shall ensure that the provisions of your Lease are relevant to you and work for you.

Quite simply, MMLaw has unparalleled experience in all aspects of Commercial, Office and Retail Shop Leasing.