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Body Corporate & Management Rights

Being a holiday resort destination, the Sunshine Coast is a select area in Australia that has historically had a high level of residential and commercial unit development – greater than many other Australian localities. Our Body Corporate Lawyers have had a vast number of years’ experience in all issues that arise in respect of the operation of Bodies Corporate and are well equipped to serve and provide you with relevant and current advice.

In 2010 MMLaw became the first lawyers in Australia to successfully obtain a Court Order amalgamating five separate Bodies Corporate, containing 242 commercial and residential units into one scheme. This demonstrates expertise in all issues Body Corporate resulted in reduced administrative costs for those Bodies Corporate. MMLaw act for many Bodies Corporate and have a close liaison with the Body Corporate Management industry through all major local and Australia wide organisations. The firm acts and advises many clients in the acquisition, sale and continuing operation of Management Rights in both modestly sized schemes as well as large multilayered high-rise complexes.

MMLaw also provides advice to unit owners, resident unit managers and committees in relation to a raft of different issues, from by-law contraventions, levy disputes, pet or car parking issues through to major expenditure for repair or refurbishment and disputes regarding the allowable use of units in a complex. You can have confidence that all of your legal needs will be met by MMLaw in respect of any Body Corporate or Management Rights issues.

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