Peter Porcellini | Special Counsel

Peter has been in practice as a Lawyer in Queensland since 1987 and on the Sunshine Coast since 1992.

Peter helps his clients to plan for and manage many of the changes and transitions encountered in life (some welcome and some not so welcome).

He is passionate about understanding a client’s circumstances; helping them to understand the relevant legal implications so that they can make well informed decisions; analysing difficult situations that client’s find themselves in; finding a clear objective to focus on; and achieving as much of the objective as the Law and circumstances allow.

When he isn’t engrossed in his work, Peter can often be found in one of the Coast’s forests or on one of its beaches or tackling the maintenance requirements of his family’s hinterland acre armed with a saw and mulcher.


Bachelor of Laws with Honours

(Queensland University of Technology)


Supreme Court of Queensland (Solicitor)

High Court of Australia (Solicitor)