Later Life Relationship Changes … What do you want now …

By Peter Porcellini | December 20, 2022

The rate of relationship change in later life is high. The change is sometimes voluntary, sometimes not. Spouses become incapable, can be separated by illness, die, separate, divorce, re-partner, and remarry. Independent and objective professional advice is crucial during this often emotional and burdensome time of transition. This independence and objectivity will help you filter…

If only I could have a puppy … I’d call myself so very lucky

By Peter Porcellini | May 12, 2022

Approximately three out of every five households in Australia include a pet and there are more pets in Australia than humans. Studies also regularly show that pet ownership can bring reduced stress, lower blood pressure, increased social interaction and increased physical activity, all of which carry significant benefits for physical and mental health. Apparently billions…

Retirement Villages: Know the Process

By Malcolm McColm | January 7, 2020

Retirement Villages may seem like a really good idea as we get older; someone else to take care of a lot of the day to day chores outside of our home, people of similar stages of life living nearby, quite often close and immediate help if we need it.  There are many factors that are…

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