Why Must My Contract Be Reviewed Before I Sign?

By Tamsyn Harris | September 14, 2020

Seek legal advice before signing your contract. You are now ready to take that final step – you have found a property you wish to purchase, whether as an investment or to be your first or subsequent home (principal place of residence). Contracts are generally prepared by real estate agents on behalf of the seller.   You…

Strata Building Defects

By Malcolm McColm | March 9, 2020

I recently was invited to speak at a conference for the Australian College of Strata Lawyers in relation to the current situation with building defects in Queensland. There have been recent changes in Queensland that impact on Bodies Corporate and also on construction of the buildings that form Bodies Corporate. Firstly, and as a result…

Guarantor Beware!

By Christine Matsinger | February 25, 2020

Have you ever been asked to be a guarantor? Do you have children may be a more telling question in this scenario. Many people do “go guarantor” for their children or family members and this is often an effective way to enable the child or family members (borrower) to purchase a home without the need for expensive…

Reverse Mortgages

By Christine Matsinger | February 4, 2020

Reverse mortgages enable you to withdraw equity from your home.  With a reverse mortgage there is no obligation to make any repayments of principal or interest.  Perhaps you have the problem of being asset/equity rich and cash poor and you need funds to assist with some home renovations for old age, to fund some lifestyle…

Man’s Best Friend

By Christine Matsinger | January 7, 2020

Medium and high-density living is becoming more popular, and with certain areas experiencing high population growth, it is also becoming necessary. So, if we are leaving the “white picket fences” behind, what about our treasured companions, or man’s (woman’s) best friend? We often hear from Buyers that agents have told them “the Body Corporate cannot…

Finance Definition Contract

By Christine Matsinger | January 7, 2020

Finance definition and what you need to know in relation to your Contract. It is an often-misconstrued understanding that if you have pre-approval of finance, you will have the funds from your financier available at settlement. Pre-approval does not constitute an unconditional offer from your Bank for finance. That is why it is important you…

Title Deeds No Longer Required

By Christine Matsinger | December 18, 2019

Lost your original certificate of title?  No need to panic! As of 1 October 2019, original paper Certificates of Title (also known as title deeds) do not need to be presented (or found!) in order to sell or deal with property. Previously, where a paper Certificate of Title was issued for a property, it needed…

Just Get On With It!

By Malcolm McColm | May 21, 2019

The dust is settling from the recent federal election and Australia has dodged a bullet. The bullet of indecision, delay and inaction. For months before the election many of our clients had put their plans on hold – property plans, commercial plans, superannuation plans and estate planning. My fear was that our clients would be no…

How to Keep Your Home Secure Over Christmas

By Christine Matsinger | December 13, 2017

  The festive season is just about upon us, and if you are going to be a way over the Christmas period you need to consider how to keep your home secure over the Christmas holidays. Christmas holidays is the time for family and friends, but it is also the time when there is an…

Is Your Principal Place of Residence Subject to Capital Gains Tax?

By Malcolm McColm | November 22, 2017

  Did you know your principal place of residence could be subject to capital gains tax? That’s a scary thought as most of us would only think investment properties were subject to capital gains tax. The Australia Taxation Office general rule is your dwelling is no longer your principal place of residence once you stop…

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