Selling your Business – What about your Lease?

By Malcolm McColm | July 26, 2021

Selling your Business:  What about your Lease? So you are thinking about selling your Business. There are quite a number of things you need to consider before you list it for sale. One of those things is the location from where you run your treasured business. Most businesses are run from leased premises. This means…

Mandatory Code introduced in Relation to Commercial Leasing

By Malcolm McColm | April 7, 2020

The Prime Minister has given another address to the Nation following the National Cabinet Meeting today. The Prime Minister has stated that there will be a mandatory Code introduced in relation to commercial leasing by the State Governments, and the mandatory Code will contain the following points: The Tenant or Landlord will be covered by…

Copyright in Logo’s – I’ve Paid The Designer So It’s Mine, Right?

By Tamsyn Harris | February 4, 2020

Copyright in Logo’s – Finding the perfect logo for your business that not only identifies the goods and services you offer but also embodies the essence of your brand is a difficult task and for many less creative entrepreneurs, the assistance of a designer will be required. It can be easy for business owners to…

Man’s Best Friend

By Christine Matsinger | January 7, 2020

Medium and high-density living is becoming more popular, and with certain areas experiencing high population growth, it is also becoming necessary. So, if we are leaving the “white picket fences” behind, what about our treasured companions, or man’s (woman’s) best friend? We often hear from Buyers that agents have told them “the Body Corporate cannot…

The Importance of Registering your Name as a Trade Mark: Do Your Homework and Get in Fast!

By Tamsyn Harris | July 16, 2019

Imagine this.  You have started your own business, picked the perfect name and done all the right things including registering that name as a Business Name.  Your first year of business has gone well, until you discover a rival company using your name to market their business.  You have secured the business name, which means…

Just Get On With It!

By Malcolm McColm | May 21, 2019

The dust is settling from the recent federal election and Australia has dodged a bullet. The bullet of indecision, delay and inaction. For months before the election many of our clients had put their plans on hold – property plans, commercial plans, superannuation plans and estate planning. My fear was that our clients would be no…

Records You Need to Sell a Business

By Malcolm McColm | November 6, 2017

Are you ready to sell a business? What financial documents should you have available for a potential buyer? Any buyer interested in your business is going to want to review the records of your business. A buyer will probably also have their accountant go through the books and records, so it is important that they…

But the Levy was Dry: Make Sure Timely Action is Taken to Recover Levies

By Christine Matsinger | October 21, 2017

A very recent decision of the District Court of Queensland has the ability to cause a lot of angst among bodies corporate and Body Corporate Managers. It has always been understood that there is a positive obligation on a Body Corporate, contained within the Body Corporate and Community Management legislation, to recover outstanding contributions from a…

Body Corporate Issues: What to do if one Lot Owner won’t Maintain its Property?

By Malcolm McColm | June 15, 2017

We are often asked by members of Bodies Corporate what may be done if part of a Lot is in need of repair, but the Lot owner won’t attend to it themselves. Often it is not just concerns for appearance sake. Think of the situation where older style air conditioners are affixed to the outside…

Funding for Farm Succession Planning

By Malcolm McColm | May 9, 2017

Funding for farm succession planning. If you want to plan for the succession of your family farm and protect your family’s interests, then now is the perfect time to update your succession planning.  Grants are available now to help Queensland primary producers or their relatives offset the costs of professional advice related to family farm…

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