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Wills & Estate E-Books

Image of eBook 6 Things You Must Know About Making a Will

Understanding the importance of having an effective Will to protect your family. This book contains invaluable information to assist you in preparing a Will.

Image of eBook Why You Must Make a Will

What you need to consider when preparing a Will. This book contains invaluable information to assist you in preparing a Will.

Image of eBook What You Must Know About Contesting a Will

If you have been excluded from a Will or have received an inheritance that does not meet your proper maintenance and support, then you may have standing to bring a Family Provision Application.

Image of ebook What You Must Know About Contesting a Will Part 2

There are cases when a person has been influenced or coerced into updating their Will to reflect something that isn’t their wish. If you suspect that someone may have, unduly influenced or coerced your loved one and it affected their Will, you have options.

Powers of Attorney eBook

A Power of Attorney is a critical document you must have to protect yourself in case of an emergency. You never know when an accident or illness can leave you without the capacity to make decisions on your own behalf. How do you know your family would make the same decisions that you would regarding your health and finances?

Image of Superannuation guide

Though Superannuation is primarily designed to provide for an individual’s post working life, it is an inescapable fact that consequently significant unused funds will be owned in Superannuation by many people when they die.  This book is designed to educate and unlock facts that have too often remained secret so that your wishes shall be carried out.

Conveyancing E-Books

Image of The 15 Step Guide to Buying Property

There is no such thing as a normal conveyance. Planning is the best approach and making sure you are well informed of your choices.

6 Steps to Conveyancing

Conveyancing in Queensland is governed by a myriad of laws and you need a firm that has the expertise in residential conveyancing and Property Law.


Have you done your Franchise due diligence? This book contains valuable information to assist you with various aspects of franchising. Get the right advice before you commit.

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