Going into Franchising

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If you are considering franchising your business model or acquiring a franchise business, there is a lot of homework you need to do before you embark on this journey.

Utilise the many resources available to ensure you fully understand the concepts involved and educate yourself before you make the leap – it may save you many thousands of dollars and sleepless nights if you put the time and effort in now.

Visit these websites as a starting point:

  • FranchiseED – (note the free online Pre-Entry and Franchise Education Programs) franchise-ed.org.au;
  • Franchise Advisory Centre – franchiseadvice.com.au – franchise education events;
  • Franchise Council of Australia – franchise.org.au – franchising information and opportunities;
  • Inside Franchise Business – franchisebusiness.com.au – franchise information and opportunities;
  • Which Franchise Australia – whichfranchise.net.au – news, advice and opportunities;
  • The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has a section on the Franchising Code under the heading “For Business” – accc.gov.au – advice;
  • To read about protecting your Brand visit the IP Australia website – ipaustralia.gov.au;
  • To read about demographics and modelling visit – spectrumanalysis.com.au.

If you need any information on Franchising please call Christine Matsinger at MMLaw.


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