How Conveyancing Works For You

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Understanding what a law firm does when buying or selling property and how conveyancing works

Understanding all the elements relating to the selling or buying of property can be difficult, so here is a quick summary of how conveyancing works.  The real estate agent is completing the contract for the purchase of the house you have successfully agreed to sell or purchase.   “Which solicitor will you be using?”  he or she asks.  Solicitor?  Do I need a solicitor? Unless you are experienced at navigating the conveyancing maze you will need to engage a solicitor.

MMLaw are experienced in how conveyancing works and are here to help you through the process.

From the day we receive the fully executed contract from the real estate agent we accept the challenge to work the contract to a successful completion.  In addition, we will

  • liaise with you and the solicitor for the other party to the contract.
  • be more than happy to talk to you and explain anything to you.
  • conduct searches on your behalf
  • chase up when searches have not arrived back on time.
  • follow up any issues with the searches.
  • liaise with your financial institution about your finance
  • not accept excuses from your financier when told they will not be ready to settle on the due date.
  • draw up the transfer documentation and provide to the other side.
  • negotiate extensions for key contract dates with the other side.
  • calculate settlement figures with the other side.
  • communicate settlement needs and timing with your financier.
  • attend settlement on your behalf.
  • bank any surplus funds into your bank account for you.
  • phone you when all is completed.
  • NO we will not pack for you.

And what do you do?  Sit back and relax knowing your conveyancing works  are being handled professionally by professionals.   And you might even enjoy a drink while packing the house ready to move.

Conveyancing works for you when you engage MMLaw.

MMLaw are your local conveyancers.

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