Conveyancing Works Closed For Business

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Conveyancing Works – closing from 21 September 2016.

Conveyancing Works,  the conveyancing arm of Slater and Gordon Solicitors have confirmed they are closing down Conveyancing Works and are not taking on anymore residential conveyancing matters from 21 September 2016.

Conveyancing has become a very competitive market place within the legal fraternity, with many Conveyancing Solicitors focusing on reducing prices to the point of unprofitability. With this comes a lack of service to the clients in an attempt to minimise business overheads and an attendant risk of short cuts being taken during the conveyancing process. It is a business model adopted by many Banks.

Professional and secure conveyancing services cannot be supplied at rock bottom prices. Conveyancing is a complex road map to navigate and there are many pitfalls, road bumps and deadlines to be met. Time is of the essence when it comes to the contractual obligations of both the sellers and buyers involved in the conveyancing process. You need to ensure that your Conveyancing Solicitor has your interest protected and covered from all bases.

Many clients constantly look for Conveyancing Solicitors on the Sunshine Coast to assist them with their sales and purchases. Some are price driven, but many recognise that the value of having excellent legal representation in such an important matter is paramount.

MMLaw excel at being professional, punctual and delivering conveyancing services which exceed their client’s expectations.

Conveyancing is about communication and having all parties on the same page when it comes to knowing who is responsible to do what and as importantly, when.

So if you are looking for a Conveyancing Solicitor to provide value and excellent service contact MMLaw – the conveyancing experts on the Sunshine Coast.

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