Carbon Price Claims – Guide for Businesses

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The carbon price (commonly referred to as the carbon tax) will apply from 1 July 2012 and many businesses and consumers are concerned about the effect this will have on the price of goods and services.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, businesses are prohibited from making misleading, deceptive or false claims about the price of their goods or services.  Businesses need to ensure that any claims they make:

  • Are truthful and accurate
  • Do not mislead consumers
  • Are based on reasonable grounds
  • Can be substantiated

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a guide which may help business owners to avoid running foul of the Australian Consumer Law when making assertions about the carbon tax being the reason for the business increasing its prices.  The guide sets out factual examples of what may constitute a misleading, false or deceptive claim about price increases and the ramifications for businesses if they are found to have made such a claim.

For more details please contact Malcolm McColm at MMLaw.

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